The River is an origin. From the water, we were born.

The Door is an entrance to a place we call home. What is Home?

By the river, I find my peace. The river is strong, yet gentle and soft. And as the Tao Te Ching says nothing can surpass it and there’s no greater force.

We’re mostly water, so is our planet, the mother that gave birth to all life. No surprise we feel the serenity and calm when close to water.

Don’t you enjoy walking on the beach or dipping your body in the sea?

Most of us do, I believe.

The river is in a constant move. The flow. It reminds me of where I came from and where I go. Poland. I keep on coming back there, to the same shore. It always reveals new impressions, patterns, colors, and shapes to me. Each moment provides a fresh experience to witness, enjoy or be saddened by. By the river, I’m at home.

Many of us are travelers and world citizens. We experience the new often. The change. Opportunity is the door. I left my birthplace 20 years ago with the thirst and hunger for more. And since then I’m noticing many doors. They symbolize a new home, its culture, and climate. Its joys and concerns. A home’s everywhere. It’s not a fixed, stable place, yet it always has one constant. The doors.

The River & The Doors photographic collection I present here is a personal interpretation of the constant and the flow. It’s an attempt to connect the two. To connect with the feeling of HOME.

The first selection of images - Poland and Barcelona

The photography of the river comes from my motherland, south of Poland. Wild nature of the country is what I long for the most. Water is the primal home. Our first accommodation in the womb of a mother. I captured the doors in one of my adopted homes, Barcelona, in its multicultural district Raval. The place is stimulating. Rich in variety, like its many doors. There’s a Catalan family that I call my own.

Since I left my birthplace I’m in a constant search for home. My camera is with me. I didn’t understand my obsession with photographing doors, at first. There I was, the North and the South, photographing mainly doors. Patiently, I collected them. And now, after all these years, it’s a quite a collection I owe.

Did I find my home? There are places that I call home, like Amsterdam and Barcelona, and there’s a river in Poland that I keep on coming back to. By the river, I always feel at home. Because home isn’t a fixed and stable place to me. It’s an emotion.

What's my intention?

We’re wired for connection. You and me, the neighbor next door, that person from the other side of the planet. We all need that place we can call home. What’s home? What’s home for you? I hope that my work can help you understand that home is more than a place. It’s a feeling. The feeling of connection, belonging, safety, acceptance, unconditional love. Every home has the doors, but does every one contains these qualities?

Isn’t the search for home an attempt to connect? To connect with the feelings of safety, acceptance, and care? The feelings we all probably had in the mother’s womb, dipped in water? Are we able to remember it in every place we are, facing different doors?

What do you feel when you think HOME?

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